Reusable Coffee Pods – The New Viable Option

reusable coffee pods

The popularity of reusable coffee pods is on the rise and the reasons are multifold. They’re not just environment-friendly but also economical, convenient, and capable of producing a wonderful cup of joe. To understand the benefits of reusable coffee pods, let’s first understand coffee pods better

What are Reusable Coffee Pods? 

Reusable coffee pods are made of stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. They are specifically designed to be used in pod coffee machines such as Keurig and Nespresso. When it comes to single-use coffee pods, you have to throw them after one-time use. However with reusable coffee pods that is not the case. As the name suggests, reusable pods and be refilled with the coffee grounds of your choice again and again. This means you can use them multiple times.

How Do Reusable Coffee Pods Benefit the Consumer & the Planet

Many people believe that recycling is the right thing to do because the used products/waste is being recirculated and reutilized effectively. But come to think of it, the costs that go into this process are not viable in the long term. The truth is recycling is not a sustainable option because it causes pollution. 

As consumers of coffee, how can you play a part in controlling this hazard? By quitting the use of single-use coffee pods in favor of reusable coffee pods. Single-use coffee pods harm the environment. Reusable coffee pods on the other hand refuse the need to recycle, don’t deteriorate into microplastics, and don’t emit methane or take ages to break down. 

Other than sustainability and environmental friendliness, reusable coffee pods offer numerous benefits to the consumer. They let you enjoy waste-free coffee, repurpose the grinds into compost and most of all allow you to reduce and manage waste better.

4 Reasons to Invest in Reusable Coffee Pods

Factors such as convenience, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness make reusable coffee pods a worthy investment. Here are the top four reasons why you should invest in reusable coffee pods

1. Green Up Your Coffee Habit

Stainless steel is known as a green material because it has minimal impact on the environment and people. Whether in production or use, it does not cause any harm to the people. Its natural protective layer prevents corrosion and ensures durability. Furthermore, it is low maintenance, easy to clean, and does not breed bacteria. All these factors make stainless steel one of the best materials to be reused. With regards to coffee pods, all-stainless steel capsules make for a waste-free and fully refillable alternative. 

2. Responsible Recycling

You may think that single-use coffee pods are recyclable but in actuality, that is not always the case. Why? Well, firstly recycling is highly dependent on the pods that have been disposed of by the consumers. If they throw it in the wrong bin, they’d end up not being recycled at all. And even if you do throw them in the right one, most material recovery facilities do not have the means to deal with such small items (pods). This means they won’t be recycled either.

Plastic packaging is a hazard to the environment and mixed varieties of aluminum and plastic make recycling more complex. In other words, pods that are completely plastic or plastic with aluminum lining are incapable of being recycled properly. Composite plastics tend to stay in our environment for thousands of years. Therefore, refillable pods are the new viable option. Unlike single-use coffee pods that release harmful methane gas and clog up landfills, stainless steel capsules are eco-friendly products that produce no waste at all.

3. Fresher Coffee

For coffee lovers, nothing beats the joy of having a cup of fresh, delicious coffee at home. And that’s only possible when you have freshly roasted coffee beans. The issue many consumers face with single-use pods is the minuscule amount of grounds that negatively affect the flavor of the brew. Because they are sealed and pre-packed in foil and plastic, you can never be sure of their exact shelf life. Stainless steel capsules let you use your coffee beans. This allows you to use fresh coffee and enjoy the maximum flavor. Also, you get to have more control over the strength of your drink. 

4. Cost-Effectiveness & Convenience

Lastly, reusable coffee pods are a cost-effective and convenient option. They can be refilled with ground coffee to be used again and again; you don’t have to purchase new pods each time. This saves a lot of money. Simply wash them out after use and they’re ready for the next brew. Isn’t that super convenient?

recycle coffee pods

Best Reusable Coffee Pods

If you’re considering making a switch from single-use coffee pods to reusable coffee capsules, here are some of the best ones you can choose from.

1. Keurig Universal Reusable Filter

If you’re a loyal Keurig customer, you could go for the Keurig Universal Reusable Filter. It has a durable design; the filter basket is made of a BPA-free shell that is removable. It also has a lid that locks it tight so you don’t have to worry about air exposure. There are two fill lines marked on the reusable filters; these let you fill the grounds for a standard coffee mug as well as a taller travel mug. The pod is also dishwasher safe. 

2. Fill N Save Elite Series Stainless Steel K-Cup

The Fill N Dave Stainless Steel K-Cups are specially designed to encourage maximum flow. They are super easy to clean as they’re dishwater safe. However, keep in mind that these cups are compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines only. But that won't be a cause of concern as the brand has a great reputation in terms of customer satisfaction. 

3. Café Flow Stainless Steel Reusable Metal Coffee

These reusable coffee pods work both in Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models. They are also compatible with Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Mueller Austria, and Breville coffee makers. Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, Café Flow pods are extremely easy to use; they don’t need any additional features or parts of your coffee machine to work flawlessly. 

4. Nespresso Sealpod Refillable Pods

The stainless steel Sealpod coffee pods have a sticker top instead of a flip top. This is quite convenient because it makes loading and preparing it a breeze. Also, you can easily dispose of the used tops and clean up the pod quickly. Remember, you may need to restock on tops occasionally. 

According to customer reviews, the sticker top works well because it lets pressure build up in a more even way and that results in great crema. The only downside is that the size of the Sealpod is small as compared to other refillable pods. This means that your coffee shots may be smaller than a typical Nespresso pod. But if that is not a big deal for you, don’t think twice before getting this pod.