What is Doppio, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Doppio Lovers

Barista using coffee machine in the cafe.

You may not have heard of the word doppio unless you really know your coffee. But doppio is just Italian for double. Doppio coffee is essentially a double shot of espresso. It is also known as the standard double. However, this word has become a bit old fashioned since in many coffee places (outside of Italy) the standard shot is the double shot as there are some practical benefits to brewing a doppio.

What is Doppio?

All hard core coffee lovers would know what a doppio is and why it is called a doppio. Doppio is a double espresso shot that is extracted with the help of a double coffee in a portafilter. Also known as a standard double, this coffee is popular all over the world and loved by coffee lovers. There are multiple benefits of having a doppio. The word doppio is an Italian multiplier which means double.

On the other hand, a single espresso shot is called a solo and it was initially developed because it was practically the easiest to brew with the help of lever espresso machines. In the current time, doppio is known and brewed as the standard shot because solos require to be brewed with a different filter basket. Solos are often brewed by pulling a doppio in a portafilter that contains two spouts. One of its streams is used for making a doppio while the other one may be used for another drink or may be discarded. However, in Italy, they are still not considered as standard shots. 

In a single shot, 1 ounce of liquid is made from 8 grams of coffee. While a doppio requires 16 grams of coffee to make 2 ounce of liquid. Since a single shot requires less coffee it gets difficult to pack it in an even manner in the portafilter.


Texture and Taste of Doppio

Doppio is thicker and concentrated coffee. The main ingredients are water and coffee. Depending on the roast and the coffee bean that has been used to make the espresso you can get a wide variety of flavor profiles from chocolatey to spiced to floral. The flavor and consistency also depends on the brewing ratio and temperature used by the barista.

How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Doppio

A double shot of espresso which is around 2 fluid ounces has an approximate caffeine of around 120 mg. But this number can vary greatly depending on the place, type of coffee beans used and the brew. The range starts from somewhere around 25 mg of caffeine to upto 214 mg.


How To Make A Doppio?

Doppio is a type of coffee made with dark roasted espresso beans that are tightly compacted and finely grounded. Since the drink has a very strong taste, people choose to add milk or flavor to it. Doppios should be served promptly to enjoy its perfect taste. If these shots are pulled for too long and not served promptly, they will become bitter. 

There are various factors that play an important role in making a doppio which includes humidity, temperature, freshness of coffee beans, texture of the grind, etc. Following are the steps that you should follow while making a doppio:

Step 1: Before you start brewing your espresso make sure that your espresso beans are fresh as fresher beans have more flavor. Once you know that your beans are fresh, grind them. It is recommended that you grind your beans just before you pull your shot as they lead to the best crema. 

Step 2: Heat a cup so that you can pour your doppio into it. This preheated cup will keep your shot hot for a longer time.

Step 3: Before you pull your first shot, heat the portafilter handle by pulling a blank shot. Next, put the grinded espresso beans in the portafilter and overfill it slightly. 

Step 4: You also need to loosen the grounds by slightly hitting the filter from the side. Once the grounds settle, add more grounds if you feel that the basket needs to be filled. Put the basket on a flat surface and tamp it lightly to loosen any stuck grounds. 

Step 5: After the espresso is even and tightly compacted, remove the stray espresso from the rim of the machine by using your finger. This will ensure that a watertight seal is formed against the machine. 

Step 6: Put the portafilter back into the machine and press the button designated for pulling an espresso shot. Set a time if your machine does not have a built-in timer. The perfect time for pulling the shots is between 18 to 23 seconds. A golden-colored froth will appear on top of your drink which signifies a perfect doppio. This froth is called the crema. 

Step 7: Pour your shot in your preheated cup and enjoy.

Recommended Coffee Machines

There are various kinds of  machines available in the market that make excellent quality doppio. All of these machines have different features and fall in different price ranges. Some of these machines may be excellent for people who are looking for simple user interface and programming. While those who would like to have a machine with advanced features can have a look at other options. Following are some of the recommended coffee machines that will help you make a doppio:
  • Capresso Ultima Pro
  • Breville Barista Pro
  • Breville Bambino Plus
  • Breville-Nespresso USA Essenza Mini
  • Breville-Nespresso USA Vertuo Plus

What Coffee Is Right For Doppio?

It is recommended that you use dark espresso beans for your doppio. Since doppio is a strong flavored drink using dark roast beans will give it the required flavor. Some people also prefer to use French roasts. Using these beans will give you the right consistency and taste that everybody looks for in a doppio. People who prefer light roasts, can choose to use the medium roast. You can enjoy the benefits of doppio even if you go with a medium roast and at the same time, you won’t have to worry about the bitter taste that comes with using a dark roast. 

After you decide the type of roast you want, you have to decide if you want your roasts to be decaf or not. There are several coffee options available which include Ethopian Coffee, Columbian Coffee, Indonesian Coffee and Blends.

Pros and Cons of Doppio

Here’s what’s good and what’s bad about doppio:


  • Doppio does not contain any protein. It only has 5 calories.
  • It can be used as a pre-workout drink and it gives the kick that fitness enthusiasts require.
  • Taking a doppio before a workout helps in burning more calories and increases the resting metabolic rate.
  • Consuming doppio decreases your food cravings which can be a huge advantage for people who want to reduce their calorie intake.


  • Some people may get addicted to drinking doppio and they may drink several cups per day which can lead to addiction.
  • Drinking excessive doppio may lead people to lose their appetite which can cause weakness.
  • The withdrawal of their favorite drink may cause doppio lovers to suffer from headaches and may cause irritability.

Doppio vs Espresso

  • An espresso is single, straight shot with a layer of crema on top. While a doppio is a double shot which is prepared with a double handle and basket.
  • An espresso is a 30 ml drink, while a doppio is a 60 ml drink.
  • A single shot of espresso uses 8 grams of coffee to make 1 ounce of liquid, while a doppio needs 16 grams of coffee to prepare 2 ounce of liquid.
  • Espresso is a concentrated and full-flavored form of coffee that is served in shots. Whereas, doppio is a type of espresso.
  • There are various ways to order an espresso and this includes cafe americano, lungo, red-eye, ristretto, shot or doppio. While a doppio does not have any further types. It is a double shot of espresso that is available in all coffeehouses.
  • It is easier to pull a doppio as the amount of coffee is greater than it is in a single shot espresso. Due to this it gets easier to pack it evenly in the portafilter.

Benefits of Having Doppio

There are various health benefits of drinking doppio and some of them are given below:
  • There is a huge advantage of doppio that sets it apart from all other drinks. It is a low calorie drink and is an excellent option for people who want to lose wait. People who drink a cup of doppio will be able to enjoy the taste of caffeine and won’t feel the guilt of consuming too many calories.
  • It is popularly known as an excellent pre-workout drink for people who require a kick before their workout sessions. Doppio improves their exercise performance and reduces muscle pain that occurs during exercise. The caffeine present in it gives them an adrenaline rush which improves their speed and strength.
  • Having a doppio increases your attention and reduces fatigue. It helps you concentrate on your daily routine activities and responsibilities. It will also help you in having an energetic and a less tiring day.
  • Drinking doppio in moderate amounts is also said to have positive effects on your memory. It does not only help your brain in storing information but it also helps in retrieving the stored information. A study was conducted which proved that drinking the equivalent of two espressos enhanced the memory consolidation process.
  • Drinking doppio improves mood. The caffeine present in this drink makes you feel better and directs your day in a brighter direction. Having a good mood improves your overall health and has a positive effect on your well-being as well.
  • It is known for decreasing food cravings and improving the performance of the digestive cycle.
  • It is high in antioxidants which helps your body to get rid of the free radicals that your body is exposed to throughout the day. These radicals may include smoking hazards, UV rays and air pollution.