The Complete Guide to French Press Coffee Makers

french press coffee maker guide

There are various kinds of people all across the world and all of them have different preferences when it comes to brewing coffee. Some people like to have strong flavored coffee, while others like to have coffee with a mild flavor of caffeine. Just like coffee lovers prefer coffee with different amounts of caffeine, they also have different preferences when it comes to the brewing method. Some people prefer to have coffee that is brewed using a French Press, while others prefer a drink that is made with the help of other Nespresso machines. If you are someone who loves to drink coffee that is made using a French Press but do not know how to use it, then this guide will be your best friend. It is a complete guide that will hold your hand and take you through the process:

What Is French Press?

Classified as an immersive brewer, French Press is a coffee maker which is used to brew coffee. It is one of the oldest methods to make coffee. When using a French Press to make coffee, you keep the coffee immersed in the water while brewing. The coffee grounds steep in the water that is present inside the press and the coffee is brewed itself. This makes it easy for people to brew coffee with lesser chances of making any mistakes. The method of brewing coffee using a French Press is different from a pour over or drip because in both of them the water flows through the coffee grounds and into the carafe. 

Even though the word “press” gives an impression that a French Press uses pressure to extract flavours from coffee like an AeroPress does. However, this is not how it works.

Invented by an Italian, French Press is also known as a Cafetiere. It is available in different designs that are made by different manufacturers. The general design of a French Press can vary; however, it must have three essential components including a carafe, a plunger and a filter screen. 

Making Coffee Using The French Press

French Press makes it super easy for coffee lovers to brew coffee. If you learn a few significant techniques, there is nothing that could stop you from drinking a delicious cup of coffee. There are a few factors that affect the taste of your coffee:

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are essential for a good cup of coffee. Ground coffee starts losing its flavor after some time, so it is recommended that you buy whole beans and grind them just before you brew your coffee. If you do not want to grind beans yourself, you should buy small batches of grinded coffee so that it does not lose its flavor. It is recommended that you buy coffee in small batches from roasters who roast on the spot instead of getting them from stores where it could be sitting for months. 

2. Grinding

Coffee grounds need to have consistency in terms of size and shape. Usually, a coarse grind is preferred when people are using a French Press because a fine grind can lead to over-extraction. Using burr grinders also helps a lot as they grind in a uniform size and offer consistency. They also do not overheat coffee beans which saves them from losing their freshness. 

3. Coffee-To-Water Ratio

You should always have a good coffee-to-water ratio which is 1:15. If you increase the ratio of water, you may have an over extracted, weak coffee. Whereas, decreasing its quantity may lead you to an acidic and under extracted coffee.To know how much coffee you should use, divide water that is appropriate for 15 people and it will tell you how much coffee you would require. 

4. Brewing Temperature

The best brewing temperature is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewing coffee at a lower or higher temperature may lead to under extracted or low quality coffee. Since tap water consists of minerals, it is recommended that you avoid using it if you want a purer coffee. Filter water is better for the purpose of brewing. 

5. Steeping Time

Steeping time of 4-6 minutes is perfect when using a French Press. It is recommended that you let your coffee steep for at least 4 minutes to prevent under extraction. Too little steeping time may lead to weak coffee, whereas a longer steep time will lead to a stronger coffee. Make sure that you do not let your coffee steep for too long as it will make it bitter. Once your coffee has steeped, make sure that you transfer it immediately to a mug or carafe. 

Step By Step Guide For Making French Press

Based on our experience and experimentation, following are step-by-step instructions that we recommend to make French Press coffee:

  1.  Take 1 liter of filtered water and let it heat at 200 degrees
  2.  Take 60 grams of whole and fresh beans coffee.
  3. You should have coarsely grinded beans for better extraction.
  4.  Now transfer the coffee grounds to the French Press.
  5. The blooming process is an essential part of the procedure. Equally wet all the grounds by pouring 100 grams of water on top of them. Then stir ground and wait for a few seconds.
  6.  Pour the rest of the water over the ground and close the lid.
  7.  Now let your coffee steep for 4-6 minutes depending on how strong you would like to have it.
  8. Once the steeping time is complete, pour the coffee in a mug or a carafe if you want to keep it warm.

How To Clean Your French Press?

French Presses are not at all difficult to clean, in case you have never cleaned one before, we have a few basic techniques that will help you out. Start off by separating the lid from your press. If your carafe has multiple components then separate all of them as well.

  1. Make sure the plunger is pressed down properly so that the grounds are neatly separated from the coffee. If there is any leftover coffee, pour it into your sink.
  2. Remove the plunger and find a filter or screen that is fine enough to catch coffee grounds. Then rinse the plunger and make sure that you trap the coffee grounds that are washed off.
  3. Put water into the carafe and free up your bed of grounds. Then you are required to pour the slurry into the filter so that any ground coffee does not make its way to the garbage disposal. 
  4. Use a soft bristled brush and clean the fines that may have collected on the filter screen surrounding it or on your filter screen. You can use a toothbrush for this purpose. 
  5. To clean the built up residues or oils, fill 3/4th of the carafe with hot water and add 1 Tbsp of machine cleaner into it. Machine cleaners are usually prone to foaming and fizzing so be careful to avoid overflow.
  6. Let the solution stay for an hour
  7. After half an hour, use the plunger to clean any remaining trapped grounds.
  8. Empty the carafe. Clean it and the plunger as well.

Popular French Press Brand

There are a number of brands that manufacture French Presses. Here are the most popular companies whose French Presses we recommend:

1. Bodum

Bodum is one of the most popular brands when it comes to choosing a French Press. It manufactures a variety of presses in various functions, shapes and styles. These French Presses are portable, stylish, unbreakable and simply operational. 

Bodum 8-Cup Brazil French Press In Black

The Bodum 8-Cup Brazil French Press is tough, heat-resistant and has a borosilicate glass beaker which goes well with the brightly colored polypropylene handle and base. All the components of the Bodum 8-Cup Brazil French Press are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It has a patented domed lid which comes with an aroma seal and Bodum safety which keeps your coffee at a drinkable temperature. It also has a stainless-steel plunger which contains a fine-mesh filter for fine extraction of coffee beans without the presence of any paper filter, This allows you to enjoy maximum flavor with minimum waste. Offering a Danish designed model, the Bodum 8-Cup Brazil French Press is perfect for people who believe that no other brewing method can extract as much flavours as a French Press

2. Bonjour

Bonjour is another popular French Press brand that manufactures French Presses in different styles. Ranging from the unbreakable Hugo to the classic Monet, the company has it all. Along with French Presses, Bonjour also manufactures glassware and milk frothers. 

Bonjour Ami-Matin 8 Cup Unbreakable French Press In Black

Available in Black, the Bonjour Ami-MatinT 8 Cup Unbreakable French Press is one of the most classic-looking French Presses available. It has a crystal clear, BPA free, Tritan plastic carafe. Unlike most other French Presses, the Bonjour Ami-MatinT 8 Cup Unbreakable French Press has a half-circle handle that plays an essential role in its overall design and also gives superb pouring. The half-circle handle provides stabilizing control and it also has a large surface which allows users to handle it smoothly. The French Press comes with a Bonjour patented filtering lid which leaves less sediment in your glass or cup. The Bonjour Ami-MatinT 8 Cup Unbreakable French Press is also dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean. It is a durable product with  a nice and simple design.

3. Espro

Espro is a Canada-based brand which is famous for its creative French Presses and various other coffee accessories. The company produces a variety of stainless steel, double-walled French Presses that use a double filter design. 

Espro P1 Travel Press For Coffee

There are a lot of coffee lovers who like to carry their coffee maker along when they are travelling. The Espro P1 Travel Press is a fusion of Espro’s dual filtered coffee press and a dual thermos. It is a perfect travelling partner for coffee lovers and it also exceeds expectations for transporting and brewing coffee. The Espro P1 Travel Press allows you to brew 10 oz of coffee. The product consists of the same filter that is present in Espro’s standard press. This filter plays an essential role in brewing smooth coffee which is 9-12 times finer than what a standard French Press brews. If you are using the Espro P1 Travel Press as a thermos, then you can easily store 15 oz of coffee which will remain hot for 4-6 hours, all thanks to the double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel construction. The Espro P1 Travel Press has a lightweight and durable design which makes it super easy for users to carry it along. 

4. Hario

Known as the Japanese King of Glass, Hario manufactures glassware for a variety of machines, including a French Press. Initially, the brand was known for its pour over equipment; however, it has started producing French Presses as well. 

Hario Double Glass Olive Wood Coffee Press

With their distinctive take on French Presses, Hario is one of the most reliable brands that manufacture French Presses. The Hario Double Glass Olive Wood Coffee Press is one of its most wanted products which has a dual-walled design that insulates heat for two different purposes- it keeps your coffee warm and protects your fingers as well. All of the glass that is used in this product is of high quality and is also heat-resistant and inert. 

An inert glass protects the flavor of your coffee as it does not let your coffee absorb any odors or foreign flavors. The Hario Double Glass Olive Wood Coffee Press has a beautiful olive wood collar which is fastened by a leather strap. The leather strap allows users to grip it easily. The French Press lets you brew 13.5 oz of coffee at a time and makes it easy for you to serve a large company. Since all of the glass components are dishwasher safe, the Hario Double Glass Olive Wood Coffee Press is extremely easy to clean.