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What is Cafe Au Lait, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Cafe Au Lait Lovers

What is Café Au Lait?

Café Au Lait is simply a coffee beverage with milk.

Texture and Taste of Café Au Lait

The Café Au Lait is a combination of hot milk and strong brewed coffee. The US/French version is based on coffee prepared with the help of a French press or drip system. However, some modern variations are based on espresso as well.

How Much Caffeine is in a Single Serving of Café Au Lait?

The Café Au Lait is prepared differently across the world. The amount of caffeine depends on a number of factors such as the amount and type of coffee, brew method and water volume. If French press is used, the caffeine would be somewhere around 80-135 mg in an 8oz cup.

How to Make Café Au Lait?

Heat a cup so that your drink stays hot to the last sip. Use the French press, drip brew machine or any coffee machine and prepare a strong cup of coffee in another cup. Pour it into the pre-heated empty cup. Add the same volume of steamed milk. You can use the frother of your coffee machine or you can steam milk at home. Just pour milk in a container, close it and shake it to double the volume, remove the lid and heat the milk in a microwave for 30 seconds making sure you do not overheat it. Pour the steamed milk into the coffee. Enjoy !

Types of Coffee Machines

From simple operation to fully programmable ones, coffee machines are now available in a large variety. Many of them are equipped with a built-in grinder as well as a frother. With just one button you can prepare anything from black coffee to macchiato, cappuccinos, ristretto, lungo, double ristretto and even cold coffee. Some coffee makers are single cup brewers while others are equipped with glass or steel carafe.

Pros and Cons of Café Au Lait

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of this desert


  • Adequate coffee consumption lowers the risk of cancerous diseases.
  • Moderate coffee consumption also prevents stroke.
  • Can provide a boost to your energy levels early in the morning.
  • Coffee consumption increases your immunity.
  • It is simple to prepare and affordable.
  • Consuming milk regularly has numerous health benefits.


  • It is a high calorie drink and obese people should not consume it regularly.
  • It does not offer a lot of diversity and may not be ideal for serving to guests.
  • High consumption of coffee or before going to bed can result in insomnia
  • High consumption of coffee can hurt your digestive system.

Café Au Lait Vs & Café Latte

Café au lait and café latte are both of European origin; both are milk based coffee beverages and both are served hot. However café latte is prepared with espresso and steamed milk with milk foam on top whereas café au lait is usually prepared with a strong brewed coffee and steamed milk but no foam. Both also differ when it comes to the ratio of milk to coffee.

Benefits of Having Café Au Lait

Café Au Lait is a simple yet delicious milk based coffee beverage which has simple ingredients and does not require any complex procedure. It is also affordable for almost everyone and combines the health benefits of both coffee and milk. Reasonable consumption of café au lait will prevent a lot of health issues and at the same time please you with a rich and creamy taste.