Kitchen Aid Nespresso Machine Review

Kitchen Aid KES0503ER Nespresso Machine Review

Coffee is our survival drink. As a matter of fact, it is the beverage that makes everything doable. Now that we’ve clarified that, we all know that having a good coffee maker is part of our survival kit.

Hence, it makes sense to invest in a durable, reliable machine that provides you with coffee on a daily basis. One of my top suggestions would be the Kitchen Aid Nespresso Machine. After reading this review, you’ll understand why.


I’ll cover the basics starting with presenting the product, my experience with it, the customer reviews, the advantages, disadvantages, and significant buying tips. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

Introducing The Kitchen Aid Nespresso Machine

The Kitchen Aid Nespresso machine merges the distinctive metal design of Kitchen Aid, with the innovative technology guaranteed by Nespresso. The result is a high-quality coffee machine that meets the specifications of the most pretentious coffee drinkers.

  • All-metal, durable construction
  • 1.3 Liter removable water tank
  • Brew strength selector: you can choose from six pre-programmed settings, depending on your preferred amount of flavor.
  • Quick start-up: the machine heats up in less than 30 seconds.
  • You get a set of 16 Nespresso capsules
  • Easy loading capsule system: the machine is compatible with all types of Nespresso pods.

The KitchenAid Nespresso Machine is a result of the collaboration between a leading coffee pod brand and a famous appliance manufacturer. It is the perfect product for people who value convenience and style. Taking hints from the popular Artisan range, the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine has a beautiful exterior which is nowhere near to pod machines. It is unashamedly attention-grabbing, glossy and is made from aluminium and die-cast zinc. The combination of aluminium and die-cast zinc gives it the robustness and creates an impression which makes users believe that the machine is made to last. The KitchenAid Nespresso Machine is a statement machine which has an unmatchable style, flawless operation and a beautiful build. 

Along with the exterior of the machine, it also has an impressive interior. Equipped with the Nespresso pod brewing system, the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine dispenses coffee made from the line of 23 Grand Crus and compatible pods. 

Like other models of KitchenAid’s range, the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine also comes in various colors. These colors include Onyx Black, Medallion Silver, Empire Red, Frosted Pearl, Candy Apple and Almond Cream. You can choose the color that you think will fit in with the decor and aesthetics of your kitchen. 

The Results

Starting with the design of the coffee maker, I could say that I fell in love with it from the very start. It is made of long-lasting zinc and aluminum.That gives it a cutting-edge feel. Not to mention that it also means this machine will stand at your side for years to come.

Moving on to its functionality, it isn’t less impressive. The machine is equipped with a high-quality Nespresso pod brewing system. Hence, it dispenses compatible pods and coffee made from the 23 Grand Crus range.

Similar to Kitchen Aid’s coffee makers, this one is also available in a wide color palette, namely six colors. This way, you can choose the one that matches your current appliances.

Without a doubt, simplicity is the main aspect that characterizes the operation of the coffee maker. You can choose from petite 25ml ristretto and 130ml lungo.

The dial also indicates a descaling program, the length of standby time and an emptying feature. Additionally, the handle that opens and closes the capsule door is used for the disposing of the used pods.

Kitchenaid KES0503ER Nespresso Machine picture

Considering its ample sizing, the coffee maker is designated for volume brewing. On that note, it is equipped with a reasonable 1.3-liter water tank.

You should note that this item isn’t the sort of espresso machine you may store in a cupboard so that you can take it out on the weekends. It weighs 19.4 lbs., which is rather heavy compared to other appliances.

Apart from that, the short power cable will also dictate its location. So, make sure you take this into account, as well.

You don’t have to pick your favorite coffee size each time you use the espresso machine. In fact, the device will automatically switch to the setting that has been used over 11 times.

In about 25 seconds, the thermo-block will heat up. The LEDs will flash as the machine heats up. When the glow is continuous, it means the machine is ready to be used.

I think that this espresso maker will be highly regarded by coffee aficionados that appreciate both convenience and style.

What Other People Say

After reading plenty of customer reviews about the product, I can say that, for the most part, they were positive. Most former clients mentioned that they were delighted with the taste of the coffee.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a problem with the machine, as more than one customer had notified it. According to the reviews, some devices leaked when they were turned on.

How good is the coffee?

People who love to drink coffee clearly know their preferences when it comes to choosing their beverage. Those who have used Nespresso machines before would know that it has a certain taste which is a bit different from the regular espresso. Even if they are habitual of drinking beverages brewed by a Nespresso machine, they will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of drinks brewed by the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine. These drinks have great quality and also offer flexibility of volume. Whether you decide to brew a short or long coffee, it will have a rich crema, a thick consistency and an irresistible aroma. 

Nespresso has a high-quality pod system which offers consistency. It also offers a huge range when it comes to choosing flavors. There are a few other compatible pods that are made by third parties and are worth trying out as well. Before you invest in the KitchenAid Nespresso Machine, make sure that you go through all its features carefully. This will help you better analyze your needs and will also save you from getting your money wasted.

What We Like

From the moment I’ve unboxed this espresso machine, I liked its sleek, modern design. I also like that I was able to choose from various colors.

Additionally, the machine looks durable and well-made. Another advantage is that you can choose out ofsix pre-programmed drink sizes. That minimizes the amount of time you have to spend in front of the coffee maker when you’re in a hurry.

The large water tank is also a convenient aspect.

But, most important of all, this espresso machine delivers high-quality coffee with a rich, thick crema on top that makes your beverage even more irresistible.

Kitchenaid KES0503ER Nespresso Machine

What We Don’t Like

Every product has its potential disadvantages. This one makes no exception to the rule.

Bear in mind that this espresso machine provides excellent espresso or black coffee only. While there are days when I like having my coffees darker than the pitch of the night, there are days when I’d prefer to have lattes or cappuccinos.

If you fit into this category, as well, you should have a milk frothing device at hand. If you are the latte or cappuccino type of person, then you should get a machine that makes these as well.

Apart from that, this espresso maker takes up a lot of countertop space. That makes it unsuitable for those coping with limited kitchen space.

The espresso maker also limits you to utilize coffee pods only.

Buying Information

What else should you know about this product? It costs less than $500. And, if you get it from Amazon, you get free shipping with Amazon Prime. Aside from that, you could benefit from occasional discounts.

Nevertheless, you should check out the product on the firm’s official website, as well.

Additionally, in the event in which the machine stops working or anything, you benefit from one-year hassle-free replacement warranty. Apart from that, though, most loved their Kitchen Aid Nespresso Machine.

Final Thoughts

For a pot espresso maker, the Kitchen Aid Nespresso Machine is a fantastic choice. It has a unique style, optimal quality and impeccable operation with every use.

While it does take up a significant amount of countertop space compared to other machines, it is a long-term investment. It is an espresso maker that delivers first-class coffee, no exceptions whatsoever.

Our Rating