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Irish Coffee Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Irish Coffee Lovers

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What is Irish Coffee?

Irish coffee is a beverage that consists of Irish whiskey, hot coffee and sugar. All of these ingredients are present together and topped with cream. It is one of the most popular liquor based coffee drinks all across the world. The blend of coffee, sugar and whiskey gives the drink a unique and contrasting flavor. The taste and color of the beverage will change if you try different liquor and coffee every time. Due to the presence of cream on top, Irish coffee has a creamy texture.

Irish coffee was founded by Joe Sheridan during the 1940s. He was a chef at the Foynes airport which was one of the biggest airports of Europe that was used for Flying Boats. A new restaurant opened at the airport and Sheridan worked there.  To make his guests feel warm in the chilly weather, he made a new drink and named it Irish coffee. People loved the taste of the drink and it gained international popularity. However, its international success is credited to Stantone Delaplane who was a travel writer. Delaplane tried the coffee and went to the US. He attempted to create the coffee with his friend but the duo got little success. With the thought of bringing the drink to the US, they offered a job to Sheridan and he accepted it which led to the popularity of Irish coffee.

Texture and Taste of Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee has a creamy texture because it is drunk through a layer of cream. The combination of coffee, whiskey and sugar gives it a slightly contrasting and unique taste. The taste and texture can be varied by experimenting with different coffee beverages and liquor. The coffee cocktail menu in the Viennese cafés also included KaisermelangeMaria TheresiaBiedermeier-Kaffee and a handful of other variations on the theme.


How Much Caffeine is in a Single Serving of Irish Coffee?

This depends on what type of coffee beverage you want. Traditionally the Irish use black coffee. The caffeine level depends on the weight of coffee and water you have used, the type of roast, the brew time and method, etc. Generally, there is between 75-150 mg of caffeine in an 8oz cup of black coffee.

How to Make the Irish Coffee?

To prepare Irish coffee there are a few ingredients that you will need including coffee, brown/white sugar, Irish whiskey and heavy cream. Following are the steps to make Irish coffee:

Step 1: Firstly you have to warm the mug or cup that you wish to have your coffee in. Heating it beforehand will make sure that your drink stays hot till your last sip.

Step 2: Choose your preferred type of sugar and pour it into the cup. Along with the sugar, add some hot liquid coffee as well. Stir both of these ingredients well until they are blended.

Step 3: Add the Irish whiskey and stir again.

Step 4: Instead of making a layer directly, you have to hold a spoon upside down over the glass and add a layer of heavy cream. Pour the cream on the spoon and in the glass. You have to make sure that the consistency of the cream is perfect and it does not fall into your coffee.

You can try this beverage with various types of coffee and whiskeys.

Recommended Coffee Machines

Irish coffee is popular all over the world and people love to have it. Some of these people prepare it in the traditional manner without using any machine. However, others like to use coffee machines to brew their beverage. Following are some recommended coffee machines to brew Irish coffee:

  • Nespresso Vertuo Next
  • Breville Barista Max
  • Lavazza Idola
  • Breville Bambino Plus
  • DeLonghi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Pros and Cons of Irish Coffee


  • This is a strong drink that could give you a good energy boost.
  • Irish coffee consists of liquor that speeds up the process of digestion. If you have it after your meal, it will break down the food you have eaten and will make it convenient for it to pass through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • A very affordable drink which you can prepare with just small amounts of ingredients.
  • The preparation method is simple and uses ingredients which are easily available.
  • The combination of coffee and liquor present in Irish coffee can help you in feeling relaxed and warm.


  • It is a high calorie drink which may not be beneficial for people suffering from obesity.
  • This is a high calorie drink and too much of it is not suitable for obese people.
  • Not suitable for people who have an issue with alcohol.

 Irish vs White Russian

Irish coffee and white Russian have a lot of similarities but they are two entirely different drinks. Some of their differences are given below:

  • To make a cup of Irish coffee you will only need Irish whiskey, whereas for White Russian you need to have coffee liqueur and vodka.
  • Heavy cream is an essential ingredient and is used to create a layer on top of Irish coffee. Whereas in White Russian, cream liqueur or milk are used instead of cream.
  • Irish coffee consists of sugar, whereas the other one does not.
  • Both Irish coffee and White Russian are popular cocktails; however, only the latter one is served with ice.
  • White Russian is served in an old-fashioned glass, while there are no such specifications of Irish coffee.

Impact of Alcohol With Coffee on Mind & Body

The idea of mixing coffee with alcohol was a new idea in older times but now it has gained popularity. There are various cocktails prepared around the world that use this blend to make the drink taste better. Despite all the benefits this blend has, they do impact your mind and body. For some people they impact is positive, while for others it may become negative.

Consuming large amounts of caffeine and alcohol could be a bad combination for you because both of them have opposite effects on your central nervous system. Caffeine makes you feel energetic and lifts up your mood, while alcohol can make you sleepy. If you combine both of them and put them in your system, your system will get confused and will cause disruption in your nerve messages. This often leads to damaging your motor skills and coordination. It can cause heart diseases, dizziness and breathing issues as well. It may become a huge problem for people who are already suffering from a similar problem.

Too much consumption of alcohol impairs behavior and judgment and caffeine further increases it. These drinks give you false confidence making you think that you are better coordinated and alert. However, it is not true at all.

If you love the fusion of coffee and alcohol then you should have it but in a moderate way so that you do not have to face any repercussions.


Benefits of Drinking Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is loved by many people due to its unique taste and texture. There are many people who do not like alcohol and coffee and once you mix them together, it will become the worst blend for them. Most people do not know this but Irish coffee has various benefits if it is consumed in moderation. Some of these benefits are given below:

1. Irish coffee has the power to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The presence of alcohol is beneficial for your body only if it is used in moderation. It improves your general blood circulation and blood flow to the heart. Drinking this beverage once or twice a week may help your heart become stronger.

2. The consumption of coffee can reduce your appetite and protect you from overeating. It cuts down the risk of over consuming and gaining weight.

3. There are a lot of people who fear suffering from a stroke. It is a major health risk which is less likely to come into your life if you have Irish coffee sometime or other. This beverage contains liquor and coffee that unblocks arteries. Since blocked arteries are the main reason for a stroke, this drink will lessen its chances.

4. The combination of coffee and alcohol is beneficial for your skin as it helps in reducing pimples and decreasing the chances of skin cancer.

5. Consuming coffee has been linked to reduced chances of contracting Parkinson's Disease. It is a serious neurological disorder that causes extreme shaking, difficulty in walking and maintaining balance. Along with reducing the risk of the condition, consuming Irish coffee can also help people who are already suffering from it.

6. Although researchers are not sure about the exact ingredient, various studies indicate that consuming Irish coffee reduces the chances of having liver diseases.

Final Thoughts

Irish coffee is a strong beverage that does the job of an energy booster. It is a classic drink which is extremely convenient to make. Irish coffee has its own taste that makes it unique among the rest. Along with its simple preparation method, the beverage is very affordable as well. When should you drink Irish coffee is one of the most asked questions, but there is no answer to this. Every person has different preferences; some people like to have it post their meals while others enjoy it during the evening.