How to Make Coffee While Camping – 10 Different Methods

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Coffee is an essential part of an outdoor adventure including a camping trip. Any camping trip is incomplete without survival gear and coffee and thankfully, there are various ways you can enjoy a good cup of your favorite beverage in the wild. 

The following article has described a few of the several ways to make coffee while you are on a camping trip. From the simplest to the elaborate ones, most of the methods are included in the list. From talking about how to use a coffee pot while camping to differentiating types of coffee, this article consists of everything.

How To Make Coffee While Camping:

1. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is one of the best options when it comes to camping- it is lightweight and packable. Even though it is easy to use, it does not have a very good reputation as far as taste is concerned. In the past few years, there have been quite a lot of advancements in the world of instant coffee. Laird SuperFood Instant Coffee, Voila Instant Coffee, Mt. Hagan are some of the best options when it comes to choosing instant coffee. 

Ideal Use: Bikepacking, backpacking and anybody else who wants to reduce weight and save space. 

Method: Usually the exact instructions differ from brand to brand but the basic method is to put instant coffee in a cup and add boiling water on top. Wait for a few seconds so the coffee dissolves and then you can have it. It is one of the simplest methods of brewing coffee.  

2. Cowboy Coffee

In terms of equipment, cowboy coffee is the easiest to make. All you have to do is add coffee grounds to hot water. Since the grounds do not dissolve, it will create a mess and that will require cleanup. This makes it a less preferred choice for backpacking. 

Ideal Use: It is perfect for people who forget their fancy coffee-making equipment or for those who want to look tough. 

Method: One method of brewing it by adding a whole raw egg or a broken egg shell in the coffee grounds. Along with this there are some other methods as well which include sink down method, cleanup method and scoop top method. 

3. Coffee In A Bag

Coffee bag is another option that is extremely convenient. Just like teabags, coffee bags are also available and they help you brew a delicious coffee. For the longest time, the only brand that had coffee bags was Folgers. However now, there are various startups that offer this tested method. 

Ideal Use: Bikepackers, short trip backpackers, people who do not prefer instant coffee and those who do not want to carry coffee equipment. .

Method: Put the coffee bag in a cup and fill it with hot water. Steep until it reaches your desired strength and then you can remove it. If you steep a cup of tea, this will be super easy for you. 

4. Single Serving Pour-Overs

Pour over

This is a new kind of product that is designed for people who love to have coffee during their camping trips. It does not require heavy cleaning as the ground is separate from the water. To brew this type of coffee, you will have to take wet grounds and the paper filter and you will be able to brew a cup of coffee that will taste pretty much like a typical pour-over. It is an appealing alternative of instant coffee as it is easy-to-carry and lightweight.  Kuju Pocket Pour Over, Libra Coffee Portables and Tribo Coffee are some of the popular options. 

Ideal Use: Bike packing, backpacking or people who do not want instant coffee or those who want to save space.

Method: Single Serving pour-overs consist of a pouch that has coffee grounds and a paper frame. The frame is expanded and put on top of the cup. Once the frame is set, you have to put boiling hot water through the pouch-like-pour-over. You can then remove the frame and enjoy your drink. 

5. Pour-Over Stand

If you are looking for a reasonable option then you can go for a pour-over stand. Pour-over stands are usually made from ceramic. However, there are compact and lightweight pour-over stands available that are designed specifically for campers. GSI UltraLight Java Drip, Kalita Wave Dripper and GSI Collapsible Java Drip are some pour-over stand options.

Ideal Use: Serious coffee drinkers or people who would want others to perceive that they are serious coffee drinkers. 

Method: Fill a paper filter or cloth filter with coffee grounds and keep it on top of your cup. Heat water until it is nearly boiling. Pour the water into the cup though the filter paper in circular motions. A kettle that can pour a steady and smooth stream of water without dribbling is an essential part of a pour over.

6. Bripe

Bripe is a unique and lesser used method to brew coffee. It is one of the most novel coffee brew systems that helps you brew a delicious cup of coffee for yourself. You will be required to add water and coffee grounds in the bowl of the pipe and boil it with the help of a lighter. Once it is cooled down, you can have it with the attached straw. A mesh filter is present which separates the grounds. The concept is unique but it is extremely effective. 

Ideal Use: Somebody who is one the go or someone who is ready to answer a lot of questions from people around them.

Method: Place the water and grounds into the cup of the pipe. Use a stovetop or lighter to boil the water and once it reaches a suitable temperature, sip it with the attached straw.

7. Moka Pot

If you are someone who likes strong Italian coffee then the Moka Pot would be the perfect choice for you. It is a stovetop espresso maker which produces powerful, Italian style coffee that can be enjoyed on its own and with a combination of hot water as well. It comes with a metal filter basket, so you would not have to worry about getting or discarding paper filters. GSI Stainless Moka Pot and Bialetti Moka Pot are some of the popular options. 

Moka Pot

Ideal Use: Any camper who wants to have a shot of genuine Italian espresso in the midst of the woods.

Method: A moka pot has three parts: the bottom reservoir, the metal filter in the center and the serving carafe at the top. Water is put into the bottom reservoir and the coffee grounds are placed in the metal filter. Once you place the moka pot on top of the stove, the water will start to boil and steam up through the grounds. Then it will collect in the carafe and will be ready to serve. 

8. French Press

Although a lot of coffee lovers like to use French press, it is not suitable for a camping trip. It usually comes with a glass carafe which is not designed for a rough camping trip. However, there are some models available in the market that could be an ideal choice. For example,  the Coffee Gator Insulated French Press and the GSI Java Press. It is a great option to make coffee but it uses coarse grounds as compared to other methods. 

Ideal Use: Vanlife, car campers or anybody who loves to have coffee with a stable taste.

Method: Put coffee grounds at the bottom of the French press and put a little bit of hot water in it. Fill the container with hot water, mix and wait for around 8-10 minutes. Depress the plunger and enjoy your delicious coffee.

9. Cook Systems With French Press Attachments

There are various integrated cook systems that offer French press attachments. These plungers work easily with rapid hot water makers which makes it convenient to brew coffee without carrying multiple gears. 

Ideal Use: If you use an integrated cook in the front country or if you're a huge fan of French press style that you would not mind packing the wet grounds out. 

10. Portable Espresso

Portable espresso makers are extremely popular these days. They are hand-powered and super easy to use. It is an excellent option for people who love to have coffee but do not prefer using fancy gadgets. 

Ideal Use: Vanlife or car camping

Method: While the exact instructions may differ from model to model, the basic idea is to pack the coffee grounds in one compartment and to add hot water in another compartment. Pressure is built which causes the steam to push through the grounds- basically pulling a shot.