Gaggia Espresso Machine Review

gaggia espresso machine review

The Gaggia name has long been one of the most respected brands in espresso machines. People have trusted these machines for decades to make the most of their favorite coffee beans and produce a great espresso without breaking the bank. Models such as the Gaggia classic espresso machine, the Gaggia super-automatic espresso machine, and the Gaggia semi-automatic espresso machine are just a few of the popular models on the market. New updates of the classic Gaggia espresso machine have stayed true to the roots of what made the machine so popular in the past. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this brand one of the most well-known in the espresso world.

Best Gaggia Coffee Machine

Looks and Design

Looks aren’t always the most important thing in life but it’s always nice when something looks good and works just as well. The Gaggia espresso machine is a sleek stainless steel that will fit into most kitchens. There are no flashy bells and whistles to make your guests “ooooh” and “aaaahhh” but it looks sophisticated and sturdy. You won’t find much plastic on the Gaggia espresso machine. This gives a feeling of sturdiness and quality. Of course, plastic doesn’t necessarily mean “bad” but it is preferable to see stainless steel over plastic as you look over this espresso machine.

There are some design features missing from this machine that you may find on other machines like a dedicated cup warmer area, for example. Is this feature essential in making a great espresso? No, of course not. However, some people may find that this bare-bones design is a little too bare bones when compared with the competition.

Will the looks blow you away? No. Does the coffee machine look sophisticated enough to add to your kitchen without feeling self-conscious? Absolutely!

Using the Gaggia Espresso Machine

Using the coffee machine feels very much like a “no nonsense” experience. You want to make a good cup of espresso using your favorite coffee beans and this machine allows you to do that without putting any barriers in your way. This is most evident with the three buttons. And that’s it—just three buttons on the front of this device. There’s a power button, a steam wand toggle, and a button for starting and stopping hot water flow from the water reservoir. Everything you need in only three buttons. Simple indicator lights let you know when the water is at the right temperature and you’re ready to brew.

The water heats up in a couple minutes. This is not a great time when compared to other competitors but it also isn’t the worst time. Obviously, spending more money can cut down your wait time but the Gaggia espresso machine is not made for those who have unlimited funds to spare when choosing an espresso machine. This machine packs in all essential features at a very reasonable price. The downside of that value offering is a bit longer wait for things like water heating. If you are the type who simply cannot wait a few minutes for the water to heat up then this may not be the machine for you.

The Espresso

The espresso maker looks good and it’s easy to use. However, none of that matters if the final product doesn’t meet expectations. This is where the Gaggia espresso machine shines. Simply looking at a finished shot of espresso tells you that this machine produces the best quality espresso. You can see three distinct layers including a rich, thick crema that looks like espresso you would get at an expensive coffee shop. Take a sip and the flavor will meet or exceed your expectations. The slightly longer wait for the water to heat up is worth it!

You will honestly be very hard pressed to find anything wrong with the espresso made using the Gaggia espresso machine. The process is simple and the final product is exceptional. Any improvement would be incremental and would also require a much greater upfront investment. Any coffee enthusiast would be proud to have this machine in their home.

Final Thoughts

The Gaggia espresso machine is a well-built machine that produces a fantastic cup of espresso. Yes, there are some compromises to be made. Some of the components may not look or feel as high quality as other machines in the segment. The wait time for heated water may be longer than competitors as well. However, the overall build is top quality and the final product speaks for itself.

There are better espresso machines out there—no doubt. However, they are hundreds of dollars more than the Gaggia espresso maker and the final product that you will actually be enjoying is comparable. The Gaggia espresso machine fills a specific niche. This machine is for people who want the best espresso on a budget. If budget is no obstacle for you, then you will maybe want to look at more expensive machines that offer more features. However, if you are trying to save money and simply want good espresso to enjoy—the Gaggia espresso machine is a fantastic choice.

You will be proud to display this sleek machine in your kitchen and your guests will marvel at the incredible espresso you are able to make in your very own home. Forget about going out to the coffee shop and spending money—drink the best espresso right from your own kitchen.