Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee Review


Folgers classic roast is the go to coffee for many people who drink coffee religiously. As far as instant coffees go this is a blend with perfect balance and a distinct flavor that you can’t easily replace. This one is truly a classic. The unique taste of Folgers Classic Roast comes from using both Robusta and Arabica bean varieties. This has the added benefit of being caffeine free so you can enjoy your favorite cup anytime of the day without worrying about insomnia.

Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee Ratings by Features:


4.9 out of 5


4.7 out of 5


4.7 out of 5


4.7 out of 5

Value for Money

4.6 out of 5


  • No preservatives or additives to enhance the taste
  • Comparable in taste to more expensive brands
  • No naturally occurring gluten
  • Comes in crystal form so it is easy to dilute in hot water
  • No caffeine


  • Pre-grounded
  • Mainly uses Robusta coffee beans

Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee Details:



Roast Level



865 g

Caffeinated Content


Container Type


Item Form


Consumer Ratings for the Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee:

At the time of writing the Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee has scored a rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon. It has received five stars from 83% of the users while 11% have given it four stars. 70 people have reviewed it so far. With a history of over 100 years, Folgers is a well-known name when it comes to coffee. This decaffeinated variety by Folgers is also witnessing the same success as its other varieties. 

A majority of customers have expressed their contentment with its taste as well as affordability. They also seem to be happy with the fact that the coffee comes in an airtight container which keeps it fresh and aromatic for days. The users have also mentioned that the ground coffee does not go stale or change its taste. This variety is more suitable for those who prefer the taste of decaffeinated coffee and is not for customers who prefer a strong brew. 

Nearly all the buyers agree that this coffee is worth the price and that its taste is marvellous. Many regular users have mentioned that when it comes to decaffeinated coffee, Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee tastes the best and is less expensive as compared to other brands. Very few users have complained about the taste. Perhaps that is because they are not following the seller’s instructions which clearly state that the suggested strength per serving for this variation is six fluid ounces.

Bottom Line:

This coffee is flavorful, aromatic, and distinct. For this price and the convenience of easily available coffee, the flavor and health benefits it offers are superior. Folgers Coffee has been around for a while and we can see why.

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