DeLonghi Vertuo Evoluo Nespresso Machine Review

DeLonghi Vertuo Evoluo Nespresso Machine Review

A day that starts with a delicious, flavorful cup of coffee is a good day. So, to make things even better and upgrade your mornings, you could get the Nespresso Vertuo Evolvo espresso machine.

In fact, Nespresso machines are created specifically to meet the highest expectations of coffee aficionados (or addicts). This way, we can enjoy this awakening beverage daily and get things done. Still, you may choose from a full spectrum of products.

DeLonghi Vertuo E Nespresso Machine

As not all espresso machines are created equal, it’s up to you to look at various reviews and pick the right product for you. In today’s post, I will evaluate one of their top-selling espresso machines. Let’s get this review started!

About The DeLonghi Vertuo Evoluo Nespresso Machine

Each Nespresso Espresso machine is about delivering high-quality, tasty coffee. It makes freshly brewed coffee with cream and the typical Italian espresso.

  • It utilizes Centrifusion technology that spins the espresso/coffee capsule rapidly to brew the coffee. Distinct from other espresso makers, this one doesn’t pump pressure.
  • Automatic coffee pod recognition; laser barcode reader that identifies the type of capsule you insert.
  • The machine automatically adjusts its settings according to the type of pod you’re brewing.
  • Power: 1350W
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Removable water tank
  • Power save mode


Nespresso Evoluo consists of the Centrifusion Technology and it uses it in the best possible way. It spins the nespresso capsule and gives you the best-tasting cup of coffee. Since the Nespresso Evoluo does not use any other pods other than Nespresso, it makes sure that you get a delicious cup of coffee. The coffee has a mouthwatering aroma and a rich flavor. The coffee machine also produces cream that looks beautiful and increases the overall look of your favorite cup of drink. Even though the cream is a treat for your eyes, it does taste as good as it looks. The cream produced by this machine is not what coffee lovers expect it to be. It is a thin layer which is extra foamy and it also lacks the right texture. People who are regular coffee drinkers would be easily able to distinguish it from the actual cream.

As far as the quality of the coffee is concerned, it has an amazing taste. However, the quality of the coffee is not like what you get from regular espresso-only machines that are readily available in the market. The Nespresso Evoluo gives you a flavorful cup of coffee and the final product is definitely above average which won’t disappoint you. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

Like all other machines, the Nespresso Evoluo also requires cleaning; however, it scores well in this area. The machine does not have a lot of moving parts which saves the users from frequent short-term cleaning sessions. Since the machine does not require many short-term cleaning requirements, it is preferred by people who do not have enough time to spend on cleaning the machine. The Nespresso Evoluo only requires the users to empty the bin where the used capsules are collected periodically. 

To clean the water and water tank, the coffee maker has a separate descaling process that every user should follow. Although the descaling process is easy, it requires the users to spend a good amount of time. The machine requires an average 20-30 minutes of time. Even though it is not necessary, we recommend that you descale the machine every now and then as it will increase its shelf life. Cleaning the machine not only increases its shelf life, but it also allows the machine to brew coffee that tastes better. Along with this, keeping your machine clean will allow you to drink fresher and cleaner coffee. 

The Results

To start with, the Evoluo is an upgraded version of the original VentuoLine, another model manufactured by Nespresso. This coffee maker utilizes Centrifusion - a patented extraction technology developed by the manufacturer. Depending on the barcode present on the rim of the capsule, the machine will adjust its brewing parameters. Evidently, this feature makes the entire coffee-making process convenient and hassle-free. You won’t need to alter the settings of the coffee maker. There are days when we need coffee that could wake up the dead. And there are also late afternoons when we’d rather have a cup that is not as strong. So, you can use the large capsules for coffee and the small ones for espresso. It’s entirely up to you. The design of the espresso machine has a nice retro vibe. Plus, you may choose from four colors: black, graphite metal, gray and red. I like that the water tank is large – namely 54 oz. At the same time, you may store up to 17 capsules in the capsule container.

What about the Aeroccino 3? We can assure you that it creates finely textured, smooth hot or cold milk froth for your daily cup of coffee. Furthermore, when you receive the coffee maker, you’ll also get 12 Nespresso VertuoLine capsules featuring distinct aromas. This way, you can test various flavors and determine which one you prefer best. Each blend has a unique aroma – it is difficult to pick a favorite since they all taste delicious.

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso-Machine

As for the temperature of the espresso, we checked it, and it was somewhere around 157F. In the case of coffee, the temperature was about 164F. In my opinion, this temperature is ideal, since I prefer drinking my coffee immediately after it has been brewed.

What Everyone Says

Most customers were more than pleased with their Nespresso machine. One particular client noted that the initial VertuoLine was a disappointment because the brewing temperature wasn’t hot enough.

In fact, after just a few minutes, the temperature of the coffee would only be lukewarm. However, he mentioned that the newly released espresso maker addressed this problem and this one makes a nice cup of coffee – something we stand by, as well. In simple terms, clients are happy with the wide selection of coffee flavors and the luxurious crema at the top of each cup of happiness.

On a general note, everyone is happy that the machine is compact, easy to use, and practical.

What We Like

One of the things we liked most about this espresso maker is its simplicity. Using the machine is effortless. You may easily reach the water tank, remove and place the coffee pods. While securing the lid does take a bit of strength, it is a good thing that you can secure everything into place. Apart from that, it’s nice knowing that you may have your coffee ASAP. You won’t need to select a brew type since the barcode on the coffee pod does that for you.

The machine preheats in approximately 15 to 20 seconds. Apart from that, the machine will automatically turn down after 9 minutes. What is more, after preparing an espresso, you won’t have to clean the tray or anything. It is a notable advantage, especially if you intend to purchase this machine for office use.

What We Don’t Like

On the topic of things we don’t necessarily like, there is the fact that you cannot use another brand’s coffee capsules in the machine. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer encodes each capsule, so that the machine may reckon the brewing instructions. We could argue that this is a limitation, especially since there are similar single-serve coffee makers that feature numerous brew options and accessories. Apart from that, you lack the flexibility of adjusting the machine’s settings according to your personal preference and taste. This could be an inconvenience for some users.

Buying Information

Every coffee lover has heard of Nespresso coffee makers. Their popularity isn’t based on nothing – that’s for sure. On the opposite, they manufacture excellent espresso machines that deliver nice, good-tasting coffee, every single time.

DeLonghi Vertuo Evoluo Nespresso Machine

And the price isn’t too bad either – under $300. Still, this price isn’t necessarily rigid. You may get occasional discounts on Amazon, for instance, aside from free delivery.

Final Thoughts

Although choosing your Nespresso machine comes down to personal preference, we find that the DeLonghi Vertuo Evoluo Nespresso Machine is a decent option.

First and foremost, it combines functionality with convenience. Secondly, it brews your favorite coffee assortment in less than one minute. And thirdly, it generates powerful pressure, which means you can be 100 percent confident that the coffee you get is excellent. Apart from that, its compact design makes it doubly versatile.

So, we have no hesitation in recommending this item!

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