De’Longhi Nespresso System Review

DeLonghi Nespresso System Review

As a country, there’s one beverage that many of us can agree to drink. Coffee has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and seen many different variations in America alone, from the days of plain instant coffee to crowded coffee houses serving up espressos. Although we all enjoyed these styles of caffeine at one point or another, they always seemed to miss the mark in one way or another.

The coffee made by professionals always tasted good, but you had to line up to get it and spend a few dollars a day, which quickly added up over the months. The store bought brands that you mix with hot water might have been affordable, but they were nothing like the nice espressos you had come to love.

The DeLonghi Lattissima

What the modern coffee lover needs is something right in the middle, an affordable but tasty way to get their morning cup of coffee. DeLonghi has been leaders in the home espresso revolution, making many different styles of the machine that make it simple for you to get café quality coffee drinks without ever having to leave your own kitchen.

The Latissima Plus is one of their leading systems, but what exactly can it offer your home and will it tick all of the boxes that a serious coffee lover looks for? With home espresso systems such as this being all the rage in recent years, we’re here to find out if it stacks up to some of the better options out there.

The DeLonghi Latissima Plus Capsule System

When you think about home coffee machines and the capsule coffee craze, one of the first brands that will spring to mind is DeLonghi. With some famous faces behind their ad campaigns and a solid reputation for making innovative machines with world-class coffee, they were easily able to take a huge share of this market.

The Latissima Plus Capsule System by DeLonghi is known as one of their more affordable machines, but nonetheless capable of making a perfect cup of coffee each morning exactly how you like it. This device has so many little features packed into its compact frame that you will undoubtedly be surprised about everything it has to offer.

The DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Capsules

If you’ve been looking around for a home espresso machine but haven’t found one that ticks all of your boxes, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. The DeLonghi Latissima Plus Capsule System features:

  • Three milk and two coffee selections for versatility
  • Single touch hot milk button to complete the perfect coffee
  • Use patented coffee capsules
  • Adjustable auto-off timer and energy saving features

This device weighs less than 10 pounds and measures up at a little over 10 inches in height for a compact fit for any kitchen. For the coffee lover who favors simplicity in their appliances but doesn’t want to skimp on café style beverages, the DeLonghi Latissima Plus Capsule System is the one for you.

What to Expect from the DeLonghi Latissima Plus

For those searching for something easy to use and simple to clean, this is definitely a great choice. You can make either a small or large coffee with just one button, and simply remove the milk tray to clean it out when you need to. There are no fancy buttons or settings found here, so you don’t require the skills of a barista just to get a nice tasting coffee.

If you’re an espresso aficionado, this isn’t the machine for you, though. Although it makes a decent enough coffee which certainly tastes better than an instant cup, the capsules made for this aren’t strong enough or rich enough to satisfy. In addition, there’s no way to control the heat so for those who like a hot coffee you’ll need to heat it up in the microwave first.

Buying Your DeLonghi Latissima Plus

There’s no doubt that buying online these days is the smarter option, and that’s certainly the case with the DeLonghi machine. Amazon has the Latissima Plus for around $240 which works out to be great value when you think about how much you’ll save buying your coffees from restaurants and cafes.

DeLonghi covers this coffee machine with a one-year limited warranty, however, anyone who’s ever owned one of these devices before will know just how long they can last. Even considering their daily use of making continuous cups of coffee, they usually sit atop your kitchen bench for at least a couple of years, which means they’re an even smarter investment than you might think.

Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Plus

No coffee machine would be complete without its capsules, and thankfully you can get these all on Amazon as well. To buy in bulk is the smarter option and you’ll also have a greater range to choose from, so it makes sense to do all of your coffee shopping in the one place. One of the best things about these machines is that you have such a huge selection of coffee flavors and strengths to choose from so you’ll never be bored.

The Final Say

When looking at all the options out there for an affordable and quality coffee machine for home, you really can’t get much better than the DeLonghi Latissima Plus Capsule System. There’s nothing pretentious about it and you’re able to create a café style coffee in a matter of seconds, so it’s perfect for the time poor person who wants to save some money in the process.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get yourself a capsule coffee machine and stop throwing thousands away each year at the coffee house, take this as your chance. Get yourself the DeLonghi Latissima Plus by clicking here, and enjoy the variety and taste that this simple device can offer.

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