De’Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine Review

Dedica Manual Espresso Stainless Steel Machine – EC680M

The Dedica Manual Espresso is an easy to use, ultra-compact coffee machine. It  comes with an advanced manual frother to get you a rich, creamy thick foam that coffee aficionados crave. With the thermoblock technology, the water heat up time at 40 seconds is unbeatable. Brew one or two shots of perfect espresso, latte or cappuccino, whatever you prefer, with this beautiful coffee maker and impress your friends with your refined taste and professional level quality. text here...

Dedica Manual Espresso Stainless Steel Machine – EC680M

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5

De’Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine Ratings by Features:

Easy to Use

4.8 out of 5


4.2 out of 5

Easy to Clean

4.1 out of 5


4.0 out of 5

Quality of Material

4.0 out of 5


3.3 out of 5

Pros and Cons of De’Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine:


  • High Performing Machine
  • Offers customization
  • Sleek and narrow space-saving design
  • Automatic Flow Stop


  • Somewhat Noisy
  • Clean up is required
  • Coffee Bean Grinder is required


1. High Performing Machine

The Delonghi EC680M is a high quality machine that is designed to brew barista quality coffee. Unlike various other machines, this coffee maker comes with a 15-bar pump machine that lets you brew espresso that has amazing flavor and aroma. It is a high performing machine that will allow you to brew your favorite beverage like a pro. Along with basic features, the Delonghi EX680M comes with advanced technology like automatic stop flow, frosting technology and thermoblock technology. All these features will work together and make your morning better and fresher. The Delonghi EC680M is a user-friendly machine that will make the whole process easier.

2. Offers Customization

This coffee maker comes with various controls and features that lets you customize your beverage according to your choice and mood. This machine is perfect for all types of coffee lovers as it lets you brew espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. It also has the capacity to accommodate taller cups. Whenever you wish to have a large cup of coffee, all you have to do is remove the bottom tray so that your cup fits easily. This coffee maker also lets you choose between a single shot, a dual shot or an easy serve espresso (ESE) pod. It comes with a three in one filter holder that has holders for single shots, double shots and ESE pods so you can choose your pick according to your preference.

3. Design

The sleek design of this coffee machine is another factor that catches the attention of coffee lovers. It is beautifully constructed and comes with a sleek design.  The Delonghi EC680M is a 6 inch tall machine that plays an essential role in space saving. Along with its height, the machine also has a narrow footprint. It is a lifesaver for people who want to have a coffee machine in their office, kitchen or dorm but the space is limited. It is made up of stainless steel that not only makes it look stunning but provides an additional layer of longevity to it as well.

4. Automatic Flow Stop

Along with various other advanced features, the machine comes with the automatic flow stop. This machine is a blessing for people who have been dealing with overflowing coffee brewing in the past. These spills are not only unpleasant to watch but they can also become a source of stains and burns. To avoid this scenario, you should buy the Delonghi EC680M. The beautiful coffee maker will make sure that it stops pouring liquid as soon as the cup reaches its capacity. Having this machine will make spills a thing of the past and will make the whole process easier.


1. Coffee Bean Grinder Is Required

The De’Longhi EC680M Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine's main intention is to provide you with a sleek and compact footprint. Therefore, the coffee maker does not have any extra space. Hence, users would not find a built-in coffee grinder. They will have to buy a standalone grinder to pair with the machine. Even though some people may not have an issue with buying a separate grinder, others may do. Those coffee lovers who do not want to spend extra money on buying a separate grinder can look for other options as well. There are various machines that provide amazing features and have an in-built grinder as well.

2. Clean Up Is Required

The machine is extremely user-friendly. It has a simple user-interface that allows consumers to operate it. Along with having a simple operating system, the De’Longhi EC680M Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine has a simple clean up system. It comes with a portafilter that prevents coffee dirt whenever you brew a shot. You can clean the steam wand of the machine by using a dishwasher. Along with short term cleaning, the descaling process is also simple and straightforward. The cleaning process is easy but it may be time consuming which many people do not prefer. If you want a machine that performs automatic clean-up then you can look for other options.

3. Somewhat Noisy

The Delonghi EC680M is a machine that comes with multiple benefits. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but the beverage that it brews is delicious in taste as well. Since the machine has the capacity to accommodate taller cups, you can easily brew a large size beverage. Some people like to have their favorite cup of beverage early in the morning, while others prefer to have it in the evening. Most coffee lovers usually prefer machines that do not make sounds. The Delonghi EC608M is one of those machines that are somewhat noisy. The noise may make mornings a bit difficult for you and the rest of the people at your house.

De’Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine Specs:

Coffee tamper


Weight (Lbs)


Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz)


Input power (W)




Cup warmer


Auto shut-off

Milk system


Heating system


1, 2 cups filters

External dimensions (l x w x h inches)

13 x 5.9 x 12

Maximum Cup Height (in)


On/off switch


Pump pressure (bar)


Removable drip tray


Removable water reservoir


Water level indicator


Body material

Stainless steel

ESE pods


Number of filter


Consumer Ratings for the De’Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine:

At the time of writing the De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine has above 2,200 reviews on Amazon currently and has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. 65% percent of these reviews have given it the full five stars.

A lot of customers like the De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine for being solid, faster, and easier to run and clean. The boiler has good power and provides hot water in a minute which is great for people who want to make a quick Americano. The espresso maker has a sleek design and does not take up too much counter space. 

However, many reviewers have written about their machine breaking down within a few months and not having received any appropriate response from the manufacturer. For some it started leaking from everywhere while for others it started producing smoke. A lot of customers have also noticed that the power button isn’t the best. It sticks and after some time breaks. There are other reviewers too who have had a positive experience after their espresso machine malfunctioned. They wrote to De’Longhi who responded punctually and got them replacement parts after which the machine has not given the customer any trouble and has been functioning well.

Bottom Line:

The Dedica Manual Espresso comes with many useful features that are simple to use. It is an ideal choice for those who want to make authentic Italian espresso and cappuccino. And if you are in a hurry to get your dose of early morning coffee, the thermoblock boiler works efficiently enough.

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Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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