Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Review

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver

The Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center has two coffee making features. It has a single-serve brewer, side by side with a fully automatic coffee maker that can prepare up to 10 cups of coffee in a thermal carafe. Three different sizes are available in the single serve brewer and you can use any coffee with the complimentary reusable filter cup. The carafe brewer is programmable, armed with variable brewing and brew pause feature.

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver Ratings by Features:


4.5 out of 5

Easy to Use

4.3 out of 5


4.3 out of 5

Easy to Clean

4.2 out of 5

Quality of Material

4.2 out of 5


4.0 out of 5


  • A two in one coffee center allowing you to brew a single cup or 10 cups in the thermal carafe.
  • Variable brewing and brew pause feature allows you to select the strength of your coffee.
  • Single serve brewed can use k-cup pods or any other single pod of any brand.
  • This coffee center is loaded with features available in all coffee makers by Cuisinart.
  • Cuisinart offers a warranty for this coffee machine which is valid for three years.


  • In order to increase the lifespan of this machine you need to carry out regular cleaning.
  • There are complaints of leakage of some parts as mentioned in customer reviews.
  • The price of $230 is a little higher compared to other brands available in the market.

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver Specs:

Item Dimensions

10.75 x 12.75 x 16.50 inches



UC Weight

10 lbs

UC Cubic Feet



10.75" x 12.75" x 16.50"

Average coffee temperature (°F)


Consumer Ratings for the Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver:

The Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver has more than 900 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. 62% of these reviews are 5 star reviews. 

Customers love how easy to use this coffee maker is. The top liked features of the Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center are that the coffee remains hot in the pot for hours and the k-cup brewer works better as the needle does not clog up. One customer was not happy with the coffee splatter while brewing k-cups but another helpful customer mentioned that placing a spoon into the cup before brewing helps. 

When it comes to the carafe there are some pros and cons. The pro is that it is well insulated, sturdy and has a controlled pour. On the flipside, some people might find it difficult to remove the lid. As a few people noted it can be quite frustrating because the carafe tends to not empty out completely even if turned upside down. It retains at least 1/4th of a cup. Apart from that, having a single serve side as well as a full carafe is the biggest selling point for customers. Both sides function well together. That seems to make up for the coffee maker only working with shorter cups.

Bottom Line:

The two in one Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center Silver can address a coffee lover’s cravings and the versatile machine can also serve ten people at the same time. It is armed with all the special features offered by Cuisinart and is a 24-hr fully automatic programmable machine.

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