Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine Review


The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine comes in a stainless steel finish with a smooth, sesame black color. The infusion feature of the coffee maker allows for even extraction of coffee beans by grinding them at a lower water pressure which enhances the flavor of your coffee. It also comes with a removable water tank and cleaning tools which help clean your espresso machine within minutes.

Breville BES840BSXL The Infuser Espresso Machine

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine Ratings by Features:

Easy to Use

4.6 out of 5


4.6 out of 5

Easy to Clean

4.5 out of 5


4.5out of 5

Quality of Material

4.5 out of 5


4.4 out of 5

Pros and Cons of Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine:


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Great for the perfect espresso
  • Easy to use for beginners because controls are given
  •  Lasts for years if kept in good condition


  • No water level gauge on front panel
  • Frothing wand is slower than other models


1. Easy To Use

The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine has a simple operating system and is user-friendly. It has several light indicators, buttons and the Espresso pressure gauge that is located in the middle of the control panel. All these buttons and controls make it easy for people to use the machine, especially beginners. When people are new to brewing coffee, they usually prefer to have a machine that has a simple interface and that would not require a lot of technical learning. This category of people should definitely consider this coffee maker as an option.

2. Perfect For Espresso

This coffee maker is one of the best machines available in the market to brew espresso. Even though the machine is small, yet it will produce the most delicious espresso for you and your family. There are two various methods of brewing coffee with the help of this machine. You can either choose the pre-set single or dual shot extraction buttons that will allow you to choose your own volume extraction, or you can wait and manually stop the shot when you think that it is ready for extraction. Each shot will be exactly the same and will be prepared in less than a minute.

3. Easy To Clean

Like every other machine, it is essential that you clean this machine as well. The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine is easy to clean. Whenever your machine will require cleaning it will display the 'Clean Me' light that will indicate the cleaning cycle. Along with the cleaning cycle, you also have to go through the decalcifying process. This process will help you in preventing your machine from any kind of mineral build-up. It is also essential that you clean your filter baskets, steam wand, drip tray, portafilter and the cup warming tray.

4. Durable

As far as durability is concerned, the Breville Infuser Espresso machine is among the top models. Most of this coffee maker’s exterior is made up of stainless steel that is sturdy and is a much durable choice for a machine that is going to be used a lot. It also has an upgrade to a thermocoil system which ensures that the machine is going to perform well for a long time. Some machines have the thermoblock system that does not get hot enough and leads to replacement. Some people have to invest in a new machine because of this issue.


1. No Water Level Gauge

The machine has a huge water reservoir that allows you to store 61 ounce of water. Since the water tank is large enough, you do not require refilling it again and again. This saves a lot of time as you can brew multiple cups of coffee in a single refill. Despite all these benefits, there is a drawback. The machine does not have a water level gauge on the front panel. This makes it difficult for the consumers to find out the amount of water left in the tank. Due to the lack of the water level gauge, they will have to check the water tank time and again to figure out the remaining quantity.

2. Slow Frothing Wand

The Breville Infuser Espresso comes with a frothing wand that helps you create latte drinks and froth milk. This will help you create café style coffee at your home without having to pay any extra amounts. However, the frothing wand works a little slower than various other machines. The tip of this wand is flat which will become a reason for the buildup of old milk. However, overall the machine is a good investment and it will sustain in your kitchen for a long period of time.

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine Specs:

15 Bar Italian Pump



Included Accessories: Razor Dose Trimming Tool. 1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets (4). Coffee Scoop. Stainless Steel Milk Jug. Cleaning disc and tablets. Cleaning brush, tool and Allen Key. Water Filter Holder and Water Filter.


Water Tank Capacity: 61 oz.

Construction Materials

Brushed Stainless Steel

Dimensions (WxDxH)

13.7" x 11.5" x 13.2"

Heating System

1650W Thermocoil–Integrated stainless steel water path accurately controls water temperature.

Consumer Ratings for the Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine:

At the time of writing the Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine has around 1138 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Almost 81% of the consumers have given it a five star ranking.

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine is a favorite of numerous consumers with most of them giving positive feedback. Every coffee machine has its own operation and requires different sets of skills to master the art of making the perfect cup of coffee. The users claim that if you learn the right combination nothing can go wrong with this machine. The grinder has been the highlight in the comments section. The coffee machine is user friendly and makes a nice steamed espresso. It has been recommended by many consumers. The milk steamer can also be used for the latte art which is skill found at the barista level.

The coffee machine requires descaling on a monthly basis; this task is cumbersome for some of the consumers but is worth the effort as the coffee machine would go waste otherwise. A few complaints are about the drip tray being filled quickly. These are trivial problems that can be avoided if used as instructed.

The sturdy design, durability, convenience and reliability of Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine are the general attributes that have made consumers trust and rely on it. They feel it is definitely worth the money. The quality and taste of the coffee is superior to most of the coffee shops as claimed by the users.

Bottom Line:

The Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine is great for beginners who haven’t worked with an espresso machine before. It’s best suited for home use because of its size. Plus, it falls in a great price range which makes it affordable for everybody.

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