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What is Cafe Au Lait, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Cafe Au Lait Lovers

What is Café Au Lait? Café Au Lait is simply a coffee beverage with milk.Texture and Taste of Café Au Lait The Café Au Lait is a combination of hot milk and strong brewed coffee. The US/French version

Affogato Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Affogato Lovers

What is Affogato? Affogato is a special Italian dessert made with two ingredients: ice cream and espresso. In French, it is known as "gelato al fior di latte" with the translation to English "flower

What is Doppio, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Doppio Lovers

You may not have heard of the word doppio unless you really know your coffee. But doppio is just Italian for double. Doppio coffee is essentially a double shot of espresso. It is also known as the standard

What is Flat White, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Flat White Lovers

What Is Flat White?There is a lot of confusion in the coffee world on what a flat white is exactly. The one thing everyone can agree on is that it is a coffee drink made with espresso and textured milk.

What is Lungo, Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Lungo Lovers

What Is Lungo?Lungo is an Italian-style coffee that is made with the help of an espresso machine. As the coffee was discovered in Italy, the word “lungo” is also Italian which means long. This gives

Everything You Need to Know about Arabica Coffee

What Is Arabica Coffee? Arabica coffee is made from the beans of the plant species Coffee Arabica which originated in Ethiopia. It was in the 7th century that the bean went from Ethiopia to what is today

Black Coffee Pros & Cons – Ultimate Guide for Black Coffee Lovers

All around the world, we witness people having a special liking for the cup of black jo. Some find it therapeutic, some find it a motivator towards weight loss while others just love the taste and experience

Decaf & Caffeinated Coffee: 10 Differences We Found

Coffee is the new energy drink of town. The debate surrounding decaf and caffeinated coffee has been going on from decades and nobody has been able to reach to a conclusion.Is

Top 10 Nespresso Machines 2021: Reviews, Pros & Cons & Buying Tips

Having a Nespresso machine can be the easiest way to have an energized morning. If you are looking for a quick shot, one of these machines will help you satisfy your taste buds. The

Mastrena Espresso Machine – The Name Behind Starbucks’ Exotic Flavor

History of MastrenaWalk into any Starbucks coffee shop and you’ll certainly come across the name Mastrena. This is because the Mastrena espresso machine was developed

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. The brewing process takes longer than other methods, allowing the water more time to pull the oils and flavors from

Chemex Coffee Makers: Find Out What Everyone is Raving About

If you’re also confused about the hype surrounding chemex coffee makers, we’ve got all the answers for you.What is the Chemex Coffee Maker?Introduced in 1941 by Chemex Corporation, the Chemex coffee