Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. The brewing process takes longer than other methods, allowing the water more time to pull the oils and flavors from the grounds. Hence, the taste is evidently better than regular drip coffee.

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

When choosing a pour coffee maker, there are a number of factors that you should consider to make an informed decision. From the time required for each brew to how portable the maker is, and from its accessories to the number of cups it can make in a single use and the skill level required to operate it; you need to check all these elements and more. We have listed some of our top choices that will help you decide which pour over coffee maker would be the most suitable for your use.

Melitta Ready Set Joe (Starting From $21.95)

Melitta Ready Set Joe

This is the most travel friendly option available because of its high portability score. It comes in glass, ceramic and plastic, but only makes a single cup. The maker offers an easy, cheap and quick way to make fancy coffee. All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in the filter and pour over water. Voila! But it has a one-go approach that doesn’t let you control the brew. The coffee maker is ideal for beginners and campers because it is simple to use and convenient to carry. It uses over-the-counter standard filters to make things further easier.

The Kalita Wave (Starting from $28.35)

The Kalita Wave

It is one of the simplest pour over coffee makers which comes with a flat-bottom coffee dripper. Unlike the meticulous process involved in other pour over makers, the Kalita Wave is praised worldwide for its simple, efficient and easy-to-use properties. It comes in glass, stainless steel, and ceramic, with sizes available only in 2 and 4 cups. But, despite its simplicity, you will require a Kalita filter and the use of a gooseneck kettle. Unlike conical shapes, its flat bottom eradicates any possibility of error due to its steep and longer brew time.

The Hario V60 (Starting from $21.39)

The Hario V60

One of the most iconic and industry favorite pour over methods in the world is the Hario V60. Available in many different materials such as copper, glass, plastic and ceramic, the coffee maker comes in sizes including single, 2, 4, and 7 cups. The flipside is that you will require special hario paper filters as well as a gooseneck kettle in order to brew the perfect coffee with Hario V60. Its famous triangular paper filters and spiral design make it a popular choice among cafe connoisseurs.

Bee House Ceramic Dripper (Starting from $34.53)

Bee House Ceramic Dripper

Just like the Hario V60, the Bee House Ceramic Dripper is another spectacular Japanese coffee maker. It is only available in ceramic and offers 2 or 4 cups. It has an easy learning curve which requires a low skillset to make that perfect cup of joe. The small size of this pour over coffee maker is a plus as it allows home baristas to brew even in a small apartment or kitchenette. Another advantage to this dripper is that it can use standard cone coffee filters that you can easily find at any grocery store. The ceramic coffee dripper is wedge-shaped to retain heat longer and always offers a consistent brew with minimal effort.

Clever Dripper Coffee Maker (Starting from $26.85)

Clever Dripper Coffee Maker

For beginners, this is the smartest and most economical choice among all the pour over coffee makers. It is available only in plastic and is able to make a single cup or 4. Its small size makes it portable and its use of standard filters makes it a delight for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time and effort on their coffee. It comes with a fascinating locking mechanism that allows you to hold the slurry in the brew cone, making you incharge of how long your coffee steeps in the hot water, thereby helping you brew in terms of time rather than skill. It always delivers a perfect cup, is easy to use and even easier to clean. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is just starting to make coffee at home.

Chemex Coffee Maker (Starting from $51.99)

Chemex Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes only in glass and its elegance makes it one of the most beautiful ones on our list. The cup size availability is high, ranging between 3, 5, 8 or 10 cups. However, you will surely require a gooseneck kettle and Chemex filters for this. Its inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art makes it an iconic choice. It is not particularly small, but it does let you get large quantities at once; so where it lacks in portability, it makes up in efficiency. The Chemex filters are one of the thickest because they’re made from double-bonded paper. This lets you enjoy the rich hidden flavors of the coffee, without the bitter oils seeping through. It is ideal for big houses, offices and art enthusiasts.

Walkure Pour Over Coffee Maker (Starting from $89)


What happens when you fuse German art and functionality? You get the Walkure Brewer! It is one of the fanciest options as it is an easy-to-use brewer that has stylistic aesthetics. It comes in porcelain and offers a single cup, but its portability isn’t something to write home about. It has a steeper price tag as compared to our other options. It offers a high quality brew but no accessories, not even filters. The Walkure has an easy process; add your ground coffee, add hot water and there you go! The dispersion plate in this all-in-one system lets the water spread and wet the grounds evenly, creating a unique saturation. It is definitely a German beauty that doesn’t disappoint, both in terms of flavor and process.


When it comes to pour over coffee makers, it is entirely a matter of preference. Do you want to make a style statement or do you want a consistent flavorful brew? Would you place it in a kitchen corner or do you want to take it on camping trips? We recommend that you start off with a simple and less expensive coffee maker. If you’re already an expert, then try other options by all means. Just remember, each maker will offer a unique brew and experience.